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At BarChef, the objective is to push the boundaries of what’s expected of an average cocktail. All of their infusions, bitters and syrups are made in house and many of their unique concoctions topped with dry ice for added allure. 


The Worlds Best Mixologists

BarChef Frankie Solarik

Frankie Solarik is internationally renowned as a pioneer and champion of the contemporary, modernist cocktail. As a judge on Netflix’s smash hit DRINK MASTERS, he was also named by The New York Times as a "Legendary Experimentalist.”  He is the owner and creative force behind Toronto's BarChef, one of the world's most progressive cocktail bars.  Frankie is also the author of the best-selling book The Bar Chef: A Modern Approach to Cocktails.


Frankie has also been profiled in major international magazines. He continues to push the envelope on the definition of the cocktail. His approach is unique, his research impeccable, and his goal is to inspire others worldwide to adopt a completely new approach to cocktail culture and dramatically expand on the Modernist movement. 








472 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2B2, Canada

Cocktail Menu

Buy the hardcover book and make amazing cocktails with Frankie as your guide

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