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Top Speakeasies in the US

During prohibition, love birds who wanted to get their cocktail on would sneak off to secret hot spots called speakeasies! The mystery, romance, and rebellious spirit of the time is still alive 100 years later. Go back in time with your Valentine and discover the hidden doors, passwords, dimly lit lounges, and expert mixologists of the Top Speakeasies in the according to Yelp.

United States:

  1. Social (Fort Collins, CO)

  2. Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery (Miami Beach, FL)

  3. Sushi On Me (Jackson Heights, NY)

  4. The Underground at The Mob Museum (Las Vegas, NV)

  5. Community Speakeasy (South Lake Tahoe, CA)

  6. Here Nor There (Austin, TX)

  7. The Captain’s Cabin (Phoenix, AZ)

  8. The Blind Rabbit (Anaheim, CA)

  9. The Library at Detention (Fresno, CA)

  10. The Pawn Shop (San Francisco, CA)

  11. Sugar Monk (New York, NY)

  12. CLOCK Restoration (Baltimore, MD)

  13. Bitter and Pour (Rochester, MN)

  14. Unknown Caller (Chattanooga, TN)

  15. Thompson & Twain Prospecting Co (Temecula, CA)

  16. The Laundry Room (Las Vegas, NV)

  17. WC Harlan (Baltimore, MD)

  18. Convoy Music Bar (San Diego, CA)

  19. Mathers Social Gathering (Orlando, FL)

  20. Handsome John’s Speakeasy (Mount Shasta, CA)

  21. Speakeasy Ales & Lagers (San Francisco, CA)

  22. Kaitei (Omaha, NE)

  23. Wild Orange (Honolulu, HI)

  24. Bible Club (Portland, OR)

  25. Wiseguy Lounge (Indianapolis, IN)

  26. Wilson & Wilson (San Francisco, CA)

  27. Gigglewaters (Safety Harbor, FL)

  28. Red Phone Booth (Nashville, TN)

  29. Needle & Thread (Providence, RI)

  30. False Idol (San Diego, CA)

  31. Pika Provisions (Leavenworth, WA)

  32. Butler’s Easy (Phoenix, AZ)

  33. Shanghai (Milwaukee, WI)

  34. Quintana’s Speakeasy (Cleveland Heights, OH)

  35. Broken Cage (Orlando, FL)

  36. Wicked Rabbit (Omaha, NE)

  37. Belltree Speakeasy (Carrboro, NC)

  38. The Infamous (Long Island City, NY)

  39. Williams & Graham (Denver, CO)

  40. J.Bespoke (New York, NY)

  41. Bar Jackalope (Los Angeles, CA)

  42. Blind Pig Speakeasy Lounge (San Francisco, CA)

  43. Prohibition ATX (Austin, TX)

  44. Sidebar (Edinburg, TX)

  45. The Woo Woo (New York, NY)

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