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Michael Symon's go-to bourbon brand

According to Spotify Advertising, a survey found that an overwhelming "71% of US consumers enjoy things that remind them of their childhood." A case in point is what celebrity chef Michael Symon calls his "go-to" bourbon brand.

According to a Facebook post, while making fried risotto balls, also known as "arancini," and a peachy cocktail, Michael Symon revealed his go-to bourbon brand of choice is Knob Creek. Symon acknowledged there are a lot of "artisanal" brands of bourbon out there in artsy bottles that are "very great," but added that Knob Creek was the bourbon his dad drank, which made it the perfect choice for his adult beverages. "That's always been my bourbon of choice," he declared.

Spotify reveals the nostalgia for the 1990s is indeed "thriving," especially when it comes to their alcohol-drinking audience. So it makes sense that Symon would have a loyalty to Knob Creek Bourbon, which got its start in 1992 and has the knowledge seven generations of bourbon makers behind it, per The Spirits Educator.

Knob Creek is part of the Jim Beam family. And, speaking of nostalgia, has a name derived from "the creek that ran behind Abraham Lincoln's childhood home in Kentucky."  

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