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Make a highball cocktail

The whiskey highball is a simple, classic, and popular way to enjoy your favorite whiskey. This recipe is one that every aspiring bartender should know, and it is quite simply, whiskey and ginger ale. That makes it very easy to memorize. And you don't even really need to mix it, because the carbonation of the soda naturally mixes in the alcohol.

This tall mixed highball drink is a refreshing way to enjoy any style of whiskey. Blended, bourbon, Canadian, and rye whiskeys all work very well. If you pour Irish whiskey, you'll have a drink called the Irish buck (sometimes called whiskey ginger).

The highball was originally mixed with plain soda water in the late 1800s, but ginger ale is the most common mixer used today. The soda's sweet and snappy flavor is a nice accent to whiskey and ginger ales can vary. Between the two ingredients, you can create a nearly endless array of tastes, which is one of the reasons it's so popular.

This mixed drink, however, should not be confused with the class of drinks called "highballs," which include most tall drinks that combine a shot of a base spirit and one or two nonalcoholic mixers—think of timeless combos such as rum and Coke. To take it a step further, the word "highball" is also used when referring to the tall glasses that these drinks are served in.

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