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Wild Orange in Honolulu

Speakeasy bar in Honolulu, Hawaii

Hidden off a second-floor parking lot at 1680 Kapiolani Blvd., down a hallway by a comedy club, and behind a faux juice vending machine (a nickel is required to open the door), Wild Orange  — which opened early spring 2022 — is not easy to find. But once you do, it’s one of Hawaii’s most exciting bars. Glowing black lights illuminate pulsating custom speakers, vintage game wall art, and a giant tree. A vegan menu filled with fun dishes like char siu tofu bao, kimchi potato salad, and a killer tomato poke that mimics tuna’s texture is one of many pleasant surprises in this gem of a bar.

What to Drink: Friendly bartenders — including a few of the city’s best female bartenders — turn out drinks like Atomic Blonde (Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, Strega, Lillet Blanc, Branca Menta) and Hold the Boba (salted black sesame-infused vodka, Earl Grey tea, velvet falernum, Coco Lopez coconut cream, and vegan cream).

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