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Whisky on Wheels Exclusive Experience at F1 Las Vegas


Take advantage of 'Early Bird' pricing to The Acceleration Lounge - Where you're invited you to speed-up your appreciation for fine Whiskies, Spirits, Wines, Champagne, and Cocktails. Unprecedented access to race experiences include:

  • Access to elite spirits, wines, champagne, and unique cocktails, including limited releases, single cask bottlings and noteworthy vintages.

  • Exclusive Access - Guests will have the opportunity to pre-order featured products as well as access to Whisky Concierge Service that assists you in acquiring other rare and desirable spirits.

  • Engulfed in the atmosphere of the 'Big Race' Las Vegas at the Wynn, the official HQ!

  • Fine Cigar Bar, where guests can smoke hand-rolled cigars carefully paired with the spirits selection.

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