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The 6 Steps To Properly Tasting Whisky

So you have discovered craft spirits and want to move on from the major brand whisky you’re used to. Or maybe you have always had your bourbon in a mixed drink like a whisky coke…Your pallet is changing and have realized that there is something more to the spirit and really want to learn how to appreciate its craft.

We think its time for you to branch out and find out what you look for in a whiskey or simply discover your new favorite. Much like dating, the process will take time and effort. But fear not…We’re here to help you along the journey.

We created “The 6 Steps to Tasting Whisky” guide and broke down the process to help you identify what you like and look for in a whisky. This guide is perfect for those that are just starting out, or for seasoned whisky tasters that need a refresher.

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