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Blended Scotch Whisky - Costco Kirkland Signature

Kirkland’s scotches are all sourced by independent bottler Alexander Murray. For the blended scotch (and the four other current varieties), it's not exactly clear from which distilleries in Scotland the spirits come.

Still, the blended scotch is a hit because shoppers can normally nab it at a very low price. It’s not exactly a show-stopper, but it has its perks.

The whisky is three years old (a requirement for scotch) but has no age statement (NAS) on the bottle.

It offers a sweet and floral aroma and manages to pack tasting notes of caramel, fruit, and a hint of smokiness.

Costco’s house brand offers several different blended whiskeys, but if you are a fan of the unique flavor profile of scotch and want to spring for a cheap bottle, this is a great option.

Because Kirkland has other scotches that have been aged for longer and offer a more mature taste, blended scotch may be the go-to option if you are planning to make mixed drinks rather than sip on the spirit.

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