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The spiced whisky cocktail Meghan Markle loves to serve guests

Before she officially became a royal, Meghan Markle starred in the show "Suits" and ran her lifestyle blog, The Tig, which Insider reports brought in around $80,000 each year through website endorsements and sponsorships. From travel and shopping tips to recipes and restaurant suggestions, Markle's colorful website pages can still be found in online archives. It's no wonder brands were eager to get involved.

Markle also provided entertaining advice to Grazia, offering decorating and serving ideas for those looking to thoughtfully welcome guests into their homes for memorable evenings. Choosing centerpieces, arranging tasteful platters for alcohol and food, and finding new ways to artfully decorate living spaces appear to be natural for Markle, who has her own go-to drink recipe for festive gatherings. And the best part? The whiskey-based drink can be customized depending on the preferences of guests in attendance, so everyone can have a drink that suits their palate for booze and sweets.

A festive cocktail easy to make and serve

To make Markle's festive spice almond milk cocktail, Grazia describes the process: mix almond milk, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves, and sweeten with dates before adding your choice of bourbon or whisky.

The Recipe:

The ingredients are blended before being transferred to a saucepan to be heated, and cinnamon sticks can be used to garnish the finished warm drinks.

For a cooler serving, the same recipe can be used and shaken in a cocktail shaker, and champagne glasses can be rimmed with cinnamon and sugar for a more delicate presentation. Insider recommends adjusting Markle's recipe with honey or your choice of sweetener and using a strainer if the blender doesn't seem to do an adequate job. Since this aromatic drink isn't too heavy on the alcohol, the amount of booze can also be adjusted (or eliminated) to suit both individual preferences and the celebratory occasion.

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