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Small But Mighty: 5 Craft Distilleries to Watch

Competing with the established whiskey brands of Kentucky isn’t easy, but these upstart operations are paving their own way through unique flavors and techniques.

1. Laws Whiskey (Denver, CO)

By using only heirloom and heritage grains, Laws focuses on showcasing the terroir of Colorado in every bottle.

2. Coppersea Distilling (Hudson Valley, NY)

Abandoned techniques resurface at Coppersea, including in-house grain malting, direct-fire copper stills and open wood fermentation tanks.

3. Ironroot Republic (Denison, TX)

Along with Garrison Brothers and Balcones, Ironroot is making Texas a powerhouse of flavors you can’t get anywhere else.

Part of a family farm that expanded into a winery and then a distillery, Starlight is a one-stop shop offering unique whiskey highlighted by local ingredients and novel barrel finishes.

5. Green River Distilling (Owensboro, KY)

With a 137-year history and extensive renovations under the leadership of an eighth-generation master distiller, this distillery recently reclaimed the Green River name for the first time since 1918.

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